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instructor at head of classroom speaks animatedly to fellow professors and teaching assistants during an in-service.

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This was honestly the first time since I went to college that I have read every assigned chapter. There was just a lot of real world stuff in the book. Stuff that I need to know when I graduate."

Student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Student reviewing Everybody's an Editor by Sue Burzynski Bullard


Developing and using the ebook has changed my teaching. The comments on end of semester evals say that students are engaging with and using the book. Previous comments about traditional texts said things like "not necessary to buy text" or "never used book". 

Julie Campbell

Author of The Adolescent Human Illinois State University


It was definitively a challenge but so worth it, because it forced me to rethink the way I was presenting some of the material to my students in class. Lecturing and writing are completely different!  It is a very rewarding experience.  

AV Brittan

Author of Noteworthy: The Story of Western Music University of Oklahoma


I enjoyed going through the information more than any other textbook. It was engaging and gave me the perfect opportunity to absorb and relate the information to my own experience. I am so looking forward to the rest of this course! I have had a tough time finding academic motivation; this was the first time I started an assignment and got excited about it in quite some time.

Student at University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Culture & Clothing: An Introduction to Culture, Human Behavior, & Dress Around the World b by Trisha W. Kemerly


I so appreciate the level of support you and your team continue to provide. Just the other day, I was singing the praises of Great River Learning to a colleague. You and your company far exceed any other publisher I’ve worked with in terms of customer service and student support.

Donald Barrie

Author of Physical Geology: How Our Earth Works at San Diego Mesa College


Thanks for treating me like you do. I’m honored and very appreciative. My experience with GRL has obviously improved my classroom performance, and the world benefits from that.

Rick Wilson

Author of Solving the Solver at Oklahoma State University