Money Management & Personal Finance

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Author(s): JAY T BRANDI
ISBN: 9781615495450
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2008
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Overview of
Money Management & Personal Finance


.The objective of this text is to introduce students to the concepts and techniques of money management and personal financial planning as they apply in today’s world. After reading the book, the students should be able to apply the concepts and techniques of personal money management and financial planning. They should also be able to develop, implement, monitor, and revise a personal or family financial plan developed to achieve personal or family financial goals and objectives

Table of Contents

Module 1: Financial Planning: Foundation for the Future

Module 2: Time Value of Money

Module 3: Financial Statements and Records

Module 4: Cash Management, Financial Services, and Financial Institutions

Module 5: Taxes

Module 6: Credit Management- Concepts and Issues

Module 7: Insurance Concepts

Module 8: Health and Disability Insurance

Module 9: Home Insurance

Module 10: Motor Vehicle Insurance

Module 11: Motor Vehicles

Module 12: Housing

Module 13: Investing Basics

Module 14: Fixed Income Investment

Module 15: Common Stock Investment

Module 16: Mutual Fund Investment

Module 17: Portfolio Management

Module 18: Retirement Planning

Module 19: Estate Planning Financial Reports