Public Speaking

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ISBN: 9781684783175
Edition: 2
Copyright: 2023
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Overview of
Public Speaking


As a textbook for public speaking, it supports these five learning outcomes:

  1. Develop familiarity with the three traditional purposes of public speaking and how they are fulfilled by various kinds of speeches.
  2. Cultivate the five speaker qualities used in successful public speaking.
  3. Enhance critical skills in listening, awareness, and perception
  4. Improve proficiency in public speaking skills
  5. Decrease speaker apprehension

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Foundations for Understanding Public Speaking
Lesson 2: First Speech
Lesson 3: Constructing the Speech Body
Lesson 4: Finding a Topic
Lesson 5: Researching the Topic
Lesson 6: Writing Introductions and Conclusions
Lesson 7: Informative Public Speaking
Lesson 8: Developing Style in Speech
Lesson 9: Delivering the Speech
Lesson 10: Audience Analysis and Listening
Lesson 11: Persuasive Speaking
Lesson 12: Ethics and Public Speaking
Lesson 13: Special Occasion Speaking
Lesson 14: Professional Presentations and Technology