Economics of Asia

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Author(s): Onsurang Pipatchaipoom
ISBN: 9781684780686
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2022
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Overview of
Economics of Asia


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Tracking Economic Performance

Chapter 2: Tracking Trade and Development

Chapter 3: Overview: High-Performing Asian Economies

Chapter 4: The East Asian Miracle

Chapter 5: The Solow Growth Model

Chapter 6: Total Factor Productivity Debate and Empirical Findings About Asian Economic Growth

Chapter 7: Alternative Models for East Asian Development

Chapter 8: The Role of Government in the High-Performing Asian Economies' Development

Chapter 9: Agricultural and Rural Development

Chapter 10: Industrial Policy and Asian-Style Capitalism

Chapter 11: International Trade Policy

Chapter 12: Understanding Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 13: Asian Financial Crisis