Valuing Art: Introduction to Wildlife Management and Conservation in North America

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Author(s): Chad Bishop, Erim Gomez, John Organ, Thomas J Ryder
ISBN: 9781680755978
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2022
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Overview of
Valuing Art: Introduction to Wildlife Management and Conservation in North America


Table of Contents

Historical Foundations

Chapter 1: Melding Past, Present, and Future: The Importance of Tribal Management in Wildlife Conservation and Management

Mateen A. Hessami, Ty J. Werdel, Serra J. Hoagland, and Michel T. Kohl


Chapter 2: Western Culture: Historical Wildlife Management and Value Orientations

John Organ and Richard E. McCabe


Chapter 3: Establishment of the Wildlife Management Profession and Environmental Movement

John Organ and Richard E. McCabe


Chapter 4: Aldo Leopold and A Sand County Almanac: Key Concepts and Historical Significance

Thomas J. Ryder and Daniel J. Thompson


Chapter 5: Environmental Economics

Joe Kerkvliet




Contemporary Wildlife Conservation and Management

Chapter 6: Present Day Wildlife and Natural Resource Issues

Patrick Lederle, Ann Forstchen


Chapter 7: Human Dimensions of Wildlife

William F. Siemer, Daniel J. Decker and Shawn J. Riley


Chapter 8: Careers in Wildlife Biology and Closely Related Disciplines

Chad Bishop, Erim Gómez, John Organ, and Tom Ryder


Chapter 9: Conserving and Managing Wildlife and Natural Resources: Who Does What?

Christian A. Smith and Dean G. Smith


Chapter 10: The Global Trade in Wildlife and Wildlife Parts

Salvatore M. Amato


Chapter 11: Population Dynamics: Contemporary Wildife Management and Conservation

Joshua J. Millspaugh and Paul M. Lukacs


Chapter 12: Applying Key Concepts: Management of Harvested Species

David A. Haukos


Chapter 13: Conservation and Management of Endangered and Imperiled Species

Jonathan R. Mawdsley


Chapter 14: Capture and Monitoring Techniques Used to Study and Manage Wildlife

Chad Bishop



Special Topics

Chapter 15: The Endangered Species Act: Historical Significance and Contemporary Implementation

Chris Segal


Chapter 16: The Endangered Species Act: Protecting Wildlife Species from Extinction

James R. Lyons, Christopher E. Seagal, and Lowell E. Baier


Chapter 17: Environmental Economics

Joe Kerkvliet


Chapter 18: International Conservation

John Koprowsk


Chapter 19: Walking the Fine Line: Science and Advocacy

Chad J. Bishop and John Organ



Looking Forward

Chapter 20: Enhancing Diversity

Erim Gomez


Chapter 21: Future Conservation Challenges

Steve Williams and Ronald J. Regan