Mathematics of Finance: An Algebraic Approach

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Author(s): Allison Cointot, Christy Sue Langley
ISBN: 9781644967928
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2021
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Overview of
Mathematics of Finance: An Algebraic Approach



Financial decisions can impact your future in great and small ways.  A seemingly small difference in a financial situation can have long-term effects in either a positive or negative manner.  The purpose of this text is to empower students to have confidence in their future financial lives.   


Real life scenarios begin every section to emphasize and illustrate the significance of the mathematical concepts discussed in the text.  Using the algebraic approach to financial calculations aids in the understanding of why and how each piece of information effects a financial decision. This approach will also illuminate the impact these financial decisions can have on each persons' future.  It is our hope that after completing this course, students will have faith and be self-assured that they are making fully educated financial decisions from choosing the correct bank account, making a large purchase, or planning for long term financial security. 


After receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Northwestern State University in 2010, Allison Cointot earned her Master of Science degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2012.  Shortly after graduating, she became a part of the faculty at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as a Mathematic instructor.  In 2016, she was trained and certified as an online instructor.  Allison has volunteered her time serving on departmental committees, serving on Faculty Senate, and helping make Literary Rally Day a success at the university.  


In 2004, Christy Sue Langley earned her B.S. in mathematics with a minor in statistics from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX. She went on to earn an M.S. in mathematics at University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2008. She joined the UL Lafayette faculty in 2008 becoming a full-time Instructor in 2013. In 2019 she earned a promotion to Senior Instructor. Her mathematical interests include Mathematical Teacher Education, Inquiry Based Learning, online learning, using technology in the classroom, and the mathematics of origami. She has also become somewhat obsessed with the broad range of mathematics used in games. Christy Sue is an active member of the Mathematical Association of America serving on a national committee as well as being a section officer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Functions – How long will it take at this rate?

Section 1 Linear Functions

Section 2 Exponential Functions

Section 3 Logaritmic Functions

Section 4 Differentiate Between Functions



Chapter 2: Simple Interest – Isn’t that simply interesting?

Section 1 Simple Interest

Section 2 Maturity Value with Simple Interest

Section 3 Variables: Principal, Rate, and Time for Simple Interest



Chapter 3: Compound Interest – Is your interest growing?

Section 1 Compund Interest

Section 2 Continuously Compounded Interest

Section 3 Variables: Principal, Rate, and Time for Compounded Interest



Chapter 4: Employment – I work hard for the money.

Section 1 Earnings

Section 2 Payroll Taxes

Section 3 Federal Income Tax Return



Chapter 5: Banking – Check it before you wreck it.

Section 1 Personal Banking Accounts

Section 2 Investing



Chapter 6: Buying – Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Section 1 Loans

Section 2 Open-Ended Credit



Chapter 7: Annuities – Breaking it down.

Section 1 Ordinary Annuity

Section 2 Amortization Schedule

Section 3 Annuity Due



Chapter 8: Consumer Taxes – Have you paid your part?

Section 1 Property Tax

Section 2 Sales Tax