Total Chinese: Beginning Chinese II

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Author(s): Fang I S Chen
ISBN: 9781644964521
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2020
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Overview of
Total Chinese: Beginning Chinese II


This course is designed to continue the development of fundamental communication skills in Beginning Chinese 1, including further mastery of the pronunciation system and additional Chinese characters. Students engage in communicative tasks by increasing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency. The course presents more complex language structures and further explores aspects of Chinese daily life, culture and customs.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Distinguish and recognize approximately 500 spoken Chinese words.
  2. Interpret spoken Chinese appropriately and correctly respond to questions orally and/or in written form.
  3. Construct written sentences and short essays that illustrate appropriate use of vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  4. Compose written paragraph of approximately 200 Chinese characters in length.
  5. Select and use appropriate vocabulary and grammar rules in formulating spoken Chinese sentences.
  6. Identify and describe aspects of Chinese culture.

About the Author
Fang I S Chen

Joanne Chen

Professor of Chinese, Irvine Valley College, CA, USA

Education: B.A. History - National Taiwan University, Taipei,

M.A. Art History - Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Professor Chen was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from NTU, she came to the US to pursue her graduate studies and started to teach Chinese. She has taught Chinese at secondary schools and college level students and has over fifteen years of experience. Professor Chen is also involved in many volunteer projects in local Chinese schools, including language teacher's workshops, writing curricula of Chinese courses; and developing computer aided language learning projects. She has over 20 academic presentations at ACTFL, Chinese language teaching conferences and California Language Teacher’s Association since 1996. Professor Chen utilizes her many years of teaching, traveling, and working with students to create the Total Chinese Beginning Chinese Level 1 and 2.


The CLERC Award of Distinction 2012

Outstanding Chinese Language Teacher of the year


The Chinese Language Teachers Association of Southern Californian (CLTA-SC, hyperlink ) board has unanimously selected IVC Professor Joanne Chen as the receiver of the 2012 CLERC (Chinese Language Education and Research Center) Award for Outstanding Chinese Teaching for her great contributions to CLTA-SC by offering her expertise in using technology for Chinese education. This award includes a two week visit to China with an all-expense-paid trip by CLERC.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Dinning in a Restaurant 在餐厅吃饭

Lesson 2 Going to Airport 去机场

Lesson 3 Can I Borrow Your Computer? 我可以借你的电脑吗?

Lesson 4 How Do You Practice Chinese? 你怎么练习中文? (Review Lesson 1–3)

Lesson 5 Where Did You Buy That? 你在哪儿买的?

Lesson 6 Shopping 你想买什么?

Lesson 7 Holiday Celebration 过新年

Lesson 8 Birthday Celebration 过生日 (Review Lesson 5–8)

Lesson 9 Where Is the Gym? 健身房在哪儿?

Lesson 10 Welcome to our new home 欢迎来到我们的新家

Lesson 11 Activities 活动

Lesson 12 Weather 天气

Lesson 13 Travel and Food 旅行和食物

Lesson 14 I bring the novels for you 我把小说给你带来了

Lesson 15 It’s on me today 今天我请客

Lesson 16 Summer Vacation 暑假