History of Technology in Music

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Author(s): Sara Wallin Huff
ISBN: 9781644961957
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2019
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Overview of
History of Technology in Music


History of Technology in Music is a publication that provides students with a broader awareness of how technology has intersected with the musical arts (and vice versa) to affect society across human existence. Comprised of 14 units, students explore the earliest known artifacts of music and end with where musical technology may be heading in the future.  A primary goal of the text is deriving an understanding that while technology has evolved over the course of time, human nature has remained consistent. 

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Useful Music and Music Technology Terms

Unit 2: Ancient Music, Machines, and Philosophies

Unit 3: Music in the Western Medieval and Renaissance Periods

Unit 4: History of Music Notation

Unit 5: History of Printing and Music Publishing

Unit 6: Opera and Acoustic Machines

Unit 7: Self-Playing Instruments

Unit 8: Electrophones

Unit 9: Broadcasting and Mass Media

Unit 10: History of Sound Recording Technology

Unit 11: Commerce and the Marketplace

Unit 12: Sampling

Unit 13: Music in Film and Video Games

Unit 14: The Internet and the Future