Financial Management: Foundations and Applications

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Financial Management courses are among the most important and difficult classes your students will take. Yet traditional textbooks often make this complex subject feel even more intimidating. As a result, students end up dropping the class before they finish the first chapter.

Professors Kent Ragan and Jeffrey Jones partnered with Great River Learning to change the way we teach financial management. Their new interactive learning system, Financial Management Foundations & Applications, engages students on a whole new level, keeping their interest with supplemental videos, quizzes, and interactive materials that go beyond the textbook.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Time Value of Money Basics: Single “Lump Sum” Cash Flows
Chapter 3: Time Value of Money: Multiple Cash Flows
Chapter 4: Loans
Chapter 5: Bonds
Chapter 6: Stock Valuation
Chapter 7: Cost of Capital
Chapter 8: Return, Risk, and Diversification
Chapter 9: Accounting: The Language of Business
Chapter 10: Review of Financial Statements
Chapter 11: Financial Ratio Analysis
Chapter 12: Capital Budgeting Concepts and Tools
Chapter 13: Relevant Cash Flows for Capital Budgeting
Appendix A: Now It Is Your Turn- Detailed Solutions
Appendix B: Answers to Concepts Reviews
Appendix C: Solutions to the Additional Practice Problems