Health, Healing & Culture

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Author(s): Marjorie Diane Hardgrave
ISBN: 9781680758979
Copyright: 2019
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Health, Healing & Culture


The discipline of anthropology seeks to understand what it means to be human. Medical anthropologists use an interdisciplinary approach to understand the nuances and complexities of human health from cultural, biological, social, ecological, and economic perspectives.

Health, Healing, and Culture is an introductory journey into the field of Medical Anthropology. 

About the Author
Marjorie Diane Hardgrave

Dr. Diane Hardgrave a medical anthropologist and a professor at the College of Southern Nevada with a wide range of experience. Dr. Hardgrave was named Distinguished Professor of the Year in 2017 and is the recipient of the Nevada State Higher Education 2019 Regent's Teaching Award. 

  • She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia and later went on to work with Save the Children for over a decade in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Mali, Egypt, and The Gambia. 
  • Her fieldwork investigates the role of cultural beliefs and behaviors in human health. She has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and New Zealand as an invited speaker.
  • Most notably, Dr. Hardgrave had the opportunity to address a special assembly at the United Nations where she emphasized the role of culture and need for anthropological methods in emergency assistance relief efforts for displaced refugee populations in East Africa. 
  • Within the United States, she has worked with alternative medical groups to study how non-western health practices are perceived and adopted.
  • Her current work includes content analysis of shamanic healing narratives and indigenous healing systems.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction
  • CHAPTER 2: Medical Systems - The Enculturated Body
  • CHAPTER 3: Disease, Illness, and Sickness
  • CHAPTER 4: Belief, Meaning, and Healing
  • CHAPTER 5: Embodied Experience
  • CHAPTER 6: Health Engendered
  • CHAPTER 7: Political and Dimensions Concepts of Health
  • CHAPTER 8: Medical Ecology
  • CHAPTER 9: "Alternative" Medicine
  • CHAPTER 10: Applying Medical Anthropology