The Adolescent Human

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Author(s): Julie Campbell
ISBN: 9781680755893
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2018
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Overview of
The Adolescent Human


As I was writing this text, not only did I reflect on my own adolescence, but I also thought about my own child who is now an adolescent.  I gained insight into my own current behavior by thinking about my adolescent development and the adult that I have developed into as a result of the experiences that I underwent during the adolescent life phase.  As I watch my own child navigate her way through adolescence, it has been interesting to think about how some processes are similar across generations, while others are vastly different.  While we both experienced many of the same biological changes, my daughter’s social experiences are very different than mine.  While I communicated with my peers over a game of Donkey Kong in front of a tube television, she is using FaceTime to interact with her far-away friends while also playing an online avatar game. 


Another similarity that I have recognized, despite generational differences, is the tendency for adolescents to express themselves though artwork during this phase of life.  You may have noticed the drawings on the cover of this text and at the beginning of each chapter.  These drawings come from my adolescent daughter and are a reflection of her own thoughts.  Adolescence is a time when we begin to engage in abstract thinking and metacognition (thinking about how we think; more about these concepts in Chapter 2).  The result of this increase in cognition can be that we begin to express our thoughts in new ways.  Thus, both my daughter and I have gone through phases where we express our thoughts and feelings through drawings.       


I hope that you enjoy this text and appreciate the activities that have been added.  The activities include videos, quizzes, and reflection questions, which will help you to assess whether you have understood the material.  Many of the videos have been selected because they are excellent examples of the concepts which are discussed in the chapter.  It will certainly be to your benefit to watch these videos and reflect on how they relate to the material by answering the questions after each video. 

Table of Contents

  • 1 Defining Adolescence 
  • 2 Changes in How Adolescents Think
  • 3 What is Happening in the Adolescent Body?
  • 4 Social Changes
  • 5 The Family Life of the Adolescent
  • 6 All my Friends (peers)!
  • 7 The Adolescent in School
  • 8 Adolescents in the Workplace
  • 9 Figuring Out Who You Are (Identity)
  • 10 Doing Things on Your Own (Autonomy)
  • 11 Forming Relationships (Intimacy)
  • 12 Sexuality
  • 13 Achievement
  • 14 Abnormal Development in Adolescence