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Engage App

You work hard to craft engaging lectures for your students. Win their attention—and keep it—with Engage, the first in a new generation of student engagement tools.

Engage instantly transforms any smart device into a multi-purpose course companion that lets students follow along with lecture slides and videos, tracking their retention as they go.

More secure, cost-effective, and reliable than other options on the market, Engage contains all the functionalities you’ve come to expect from a classroom app—from live quizzes and thought-provoking class polls, to opportunities to ask questions in real-time and more.



ENGAGED instructors:

  • Cast their dynamic lectures, videos, polls, and quizzes onto student devices via a simple downloaded app.
  • Have instant access to student questions and suggestions; display and answer as many or few as suits their purposes.
  • Track attendance accurately through a combination of GPS technology and WiFi.
  • Spend less time troubleshooting outdated clicker technology.
  • Enjoy LMS sync for attendance records, quiz grades and poll results.

ENGAGED students:

  • Seamlessly follow lectures with screen sync.
  • Take comprehensive notes directly in the app; associate notes with relevant slides and videos.
  • View attendance and participation records.
  • Submit pressing questions as they arise; rate the questions of their fellow students.
  • Provide instant feedback to instructors through periodic comprehension checks and polls.
  • Consistently attend lectures and come to class ready to learn—and engage.